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General statistics
In Europe, an elevated number of persons find themselves unemployed, either because the lack of qualification, either due to lack of information on the labor market and its opportunities or lack of resources to enable access to work. At European level the percentage of unemployed persons reached 8.2%, in December 2016.
Youth unemployment
The youth unemployment rate in the EU-28 was more than double the overall unemployment rate. At 19.6 %, more than one out of every five young persons in the labour force was not employed, but looking and available for a job. The unemployment rate among young persons was higher than the rate for those aged between 25 and 74.

Creativity as one of the possible solutions
The project is based on the fact that the creativity represents the key to the social provocations today, from social aspects, education and sustainable development. That’s why it might be one of the solutions that can help EU fight the high youth unemployment rate.
We are not the only ones who have noticed the potential behind the creative professions. The European Competitiveness Report indicates a contribution of the creative and cultural industries to the GDP of 3.3% and a percentage of 3% from the total of labour force. According to this report, Europe is one of the world’s leading exporters of creative industry products. Creative industires support innovation, social inclusion, promotion of regions and, primarily, sustainable employment.



The specific objectives of the project are:
1. Developing the level of training of NEETs in entrepreneurship and the use of ICT by providing training to 120 young people until the end of the project.
2. Raising the level of awareness of business options in the creative areas and professional development opportunities in these areas by providing professional counseling to 120 NEETs, with a counseling tool specially developed for this purpose.
3. Increasing the awareness of relevant economic and social actors about the importance of supporting new creative fields, in order to make chain progress through the development of an information campaign in this regard.
4. Stimulating the development of entrepreneurial activities in the creative areas by NEETs, by conducting national study visits, developing guidelines of most successful businesses in the creative area, and organizing "How to be an successful entrepreneur in creative field" training course in Spain.



The CREATIVE BUSINESS project partnership consists of four organizations from 4 EU countries:

EDUKATOR - a Polish entreprise based in Rzeszów. The core activity of EDUKATOR is training and advisory, especially in fields like entrepreneurship and IT.

Materahub - a consortium from Matera, Italy. Materahub works at the international level to support enterprises, startups, institutions and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Go EUROPE - European Intercultural Association acting in Valencia, Spain, specialising in entrepreneurial education, graphic design and web development.

Power Net Consulting - a consultancy company and training provider with 17 years of experience. Based in Bucharest, Romania.

The partnership is composed by organizations which complement each other in terms of implementing project's activities and reaching the expected results. Each partner country has its own experience with the target group and in the education field, together acting as a whole, and bringing added value to the activities implemented.

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